Hi, I'm Gin (also known as Ginger) - and I'm a writer, painter, creatrix, indie author, and lover of cats and crystals and the beach (among many other things).

I'm passionate about creativity, self care, soul nourishment, spiritual and joy connections, and living true.

I blog about creativity, joy, writing, painting, creating, dealing with anxiety... and basically, life in general.

I believe in the sacred of everything, big and small.

I believe we all deserve to be seen, heard, and witnessed.

I believe kindness makes a difference.

My novel, In New Harmony, is available on Amazon (in paperback and kindle) here - and at Barnes & Noble here. (At this time, it's published under my name Gin White instead of Gin Simpson White.)

And I have a small blog where I (very infrequently) write only about writing and publishing - it can be found at this link.

Thanks for stopping by. ♥