September 1, 2017

bloggin' along...

For quite a while, I've been in an in-between space, a time that's felt like waiting but also having a lot happening, a time that's been not-quite-sure or clear.

Blogging has been one of the things trapped by my time of in-between.

So often, I've wanted to return to blogging more regularly and consistently, to share my thoughts and my words online in a way I used to do so much.

And yet... so often, I've felt an inner need to be more quiet online, not only with blogging but in all online spaces.

But Effy is facilitating another blog along - and I decided to join in.

I participated in Effy's blog along back in 2013 and enjoyed it immensely, although I didn't blog every day... That month, my father's health failed at a faster rate, and later in the month the decision was made that it was time for hospice, and then he died on the 25th of that month. He passed away 4 years and 1 week ago, exactly, and it still sort of blows my mind that time has seemed to fly so fast since then and I'm not quite sure what I have to show for it.

Those blog posts from 2013 live in various places now... maybe one or two here at this space, a few on my Subtle Harmony site, most converted to draft status until I move them here, some only live now on my computer or personal files.

For the next year I continued to blog (although not every day or even every week) until the following summer when I did a personal month-long challenge of blogging with the theme of journeying with joy.

After that, I still blogged... but it became less and less often.

And the spaces where I blogged changed, as my site shifted from one place to another, and then split into two blogs which are (slowly) shifting again into one blog.

It sounds, and sometimes feels, confusing and unfocused. But where I "live" online is one of those uncertain things in my life. It's one of the things that feels like a waiting-time, a time of in-between.

I still have my Subtle Harmony site. I still have my Etsy. I still have this little blogging space right here.

I'm just not sure where I want to be with all of it at the moment - or even what (or whether) I want, when it comes to online.

I'm online less often in general than I used to be. One reason is an increasing need the past couple of years or so to pull back from social media and from the online world. Another reason is due to physical happenings that inter-relate with some eye stuff, and looking at computer or phone screens - or reading anything, for that matter, including books - can be difficult some days or can cause the problem to flare up at other times.

So I've been focused on more one-to-one, or in-the-flesh, or internal-with-me stuff.

I've focused a lot on my own creativity... writing and creative home-tending and paint-play.

I'm curious to see if I blog consistently during this blog along.

I'm curious to see what might happen between now and the end of the month.

I'm curious to see if returning to blogging more often will help me find more clarity.

I'm curious... and trying to rest and trust in this time of waiting and in-between.

(Want to join in on Effy's blog along this month? Just click here to see what it's all about!)


  1. man. I can relate to so much you say. I get it. All of it. <3

    1. Thank you for this. ♥ It's good to connect with someone who gets it, and I'm wishing good things for both of us on our journeys.


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