April 5, 2016

feeling free...

Last week, Danielle LaPorte's #truthbomb decks arrived in the mail. The decks were 50% off for a short time last month and my temptation was too strong to resist. I'd been wanting these cards for quite a while.

I decided to keep one deck in my workroom and the other in the bedroom. I've been pulling one or two cards each day. Messages to myself. Reminders.


A few days ago I pulled a card from the deck in my workroom.

But do you feel free?

This caught my attention in a big way (for too many reasons to go into in one blog post).

I immediately decided to pull another card, this time from the cards in the other room.

feel free

Message received.

I've been keeping these two cards out, keeping them in easy sight, for the past few days. As reminders. Truthbombs.

Because the truth is, I haven't been feeling free.

The why of that feeling involves life choices, health issues, financial stuff, and more.

Some of these things aren't completely in my control (because, despite what some simplification-explanations of law of attraction say, or what's sometimes said in new age or metaphysical or spiritual circles, not everything is in our control - life is way too interconnected, in too many ways we can't begin to even see or understand, for us to be able to control or create every.single.aspect of the life we experience).

But when it comes to some of the reasons I wasn't feeling free, I did have control and a choice. I could make a different decision. I could take a new direction.

And even with those things I can't control, I can choose to find a sense of freedom even while I'm in those things. It isn't always easy for me to do that - and I'm far from always being successful at it - but it's possible.

When it comes to feeling free, I listen to my body.

I place my attention and awareness on my heart space and my gut. My heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. For me, those areas in my body tell me.

Does my heart feel open and spacious? Or does it feel tight and constricted?

Is my gut telling me yes or no? Is my breathing easy? Do I feel tied in knots?

Paying attention to my body can help me make a decision that moves me in the direction of feeling free.

The body is an amazing truth-teller.

But do you feel free?

feel free