January 29, 2016


For several reasons, comfort has been on my mind lately.

Maybe it was the lazy weekend of snowy days (snow doesn't happen very often here) and the cozy comfort of the warm indoors.

Maybe it's the ongoing physical challenges that still sometimes stir my anxiety.

Maybe it's the financial worry, or the sudden grief that can still come in periodic waves, or the desire to escape when I feel overwhelmed or over-tired.

Comfort, for me, can take a variety of forms.

I turn to self-care practices. I turn to certain friends and loved ones. I spend time with our kitty.

Painting and creating in general can provide comfort for me... and for quite a while, painting has especially been my go-to for being a creative outlet, a way to "lose" myself, and fabulously helpful at reducing my anxiety.

Prayer, resting, binge-watching Netflix - all can bring different kinds of comfort to me at different times.

And although I wish I didn't do this, sometimes I comfort-eat.

(I ate the whole thing, not only the one bite (and it was soooo good) - it had been ages since I'd had a sprinkled-covered doughnut... but I am reducing my sugar intake, so this was a special treat.)

And then there are the cards.

In addition to doing card readings for others, I also pull cards for myself. In two fairly new-to-me decks, the first cards I pulled for myself after getting each deck were both messages of comfort.

(Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild)

(Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild)

For me, the oracle is a tool that connects me with my intuition and also my spirituality. The messages are often affirmations, confirmations, validations... and reminders that I know what I know.

I know I'm never alone - but sometimes I forget for a while.

I know help is always available - but sometimes I forget for a while.

I know I am Divinely loved and ultimately safe - but sometimes I forget for a while.

The reminders provide comfort.

And in the comfort, I find grace.

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