July 26, 2012

butterfly medicine...

I'm taking part in Lori-Lyn Hurley's 3-month offering of Elemental Wisdom: Guidance from the Mother Earth. There are three totems to choose from on this journey: Bear, Butterfly, or Tree. I had a little trouble deciding at first, but then I knew...


Butterfly wisdom, butterfly medicine, is what I need right now.

Butterfly is all about transforming, changing, moving from one stage to another.

At first I was a little surprised. Haven't the past few years of my life already been about intense transformation? Wasn't I finished with all the changes and transforming (the really deep stuff, at least)?

Shouldn't I, by my age, be finished with metamorphosis and emerging from the cocoon?

Then I realized:  No.

Living the path I'm on means always being on the path. Continuing to go along the spiral of life, the spiral of healing, the spiral of growing.

My spiritual life continues to deepen and transform. The work I do - with my services and offerings, with my handcrafts, with my writing - continues to evolve.

And as for my age... well, all I have to do to see metamorphosis in action is to take a look at my stage of life. I'm going through menopause but not yet at the other side. I'm literally experiencing what my grandmother would have called "going through the change." I'm entering my queendom, on the way to crone.

It's a huge time of change for a woman - not only on a physical level, but there can be major shifts and effects in all areas. Moving from one stage of life into another, shifting, redefining, refining, releasing, discovering, clarifying, sharpening, renewing, claiming.

I never understood the power and the transformation of this time of life until I found myself in the midst of it.

So yes, butterfly medicine for me, please.

Life is a process of change and transformation. Butterfly is a perfect teacher for that process.

This is the small altar for Butterfly that I have on the end of a bookshelf. There's a clear quartz sphere, and I also have moonstone - moonstone is a wonderful stone for women, and it represents and helps with the cycles and stages of life. Since taking this photo, I've also added a couple of small pieces of lepidolite... lepidolite is considered to be a "stone of transition."

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