January 30, 2015

a new talisman, sacred adornment, touchstone...

I'll admit I can't seem to stop looking at my new mandala ring! It arrived earlier this week but it seems (energetically) that the ring has been with me for a few months because that's when I first started gazing at the selection of mandala rings from The Fifth Element Life trying to decide which one to choose. More than one called to me, and finally I narrowed it down... but even then it was a while before I knew for sure which one to order.

I chose this one - Vision - for several reasons.

My superpower (discovered through a facilitated process with Fabeku Fatunmise) is Gentle Clarity, and inner vision seems important when it comes to clarity.

Inner vision is also necessary for my imagination and my creativity and my intuition.

It's also helpful for knowing where I want to go and where I'm being guided to go, and in maintaining focus to get there.

Vision, in general, is very important to me (including the literal vision of seeing with my eyes).

Each of Sarah's mandala rings is associated with an element. And each is associated with the spirit energy of an animal. The ring I chose - Vision - is associated with the element of spirit. And the animal energy is white tiger.

Two years ago White Tiger started showing up as one of my animal guides in my shamanic journeys, and has been with me in almost every journey since then.

Some of the information for this ring says this about white tiger: She brings her clarity of vision and her wide spectrum of awareness. This majestic cat sees all that she needs, with precise clarity, focus and full attention. She helps to keep you grounded, whilst maintaining focus on your ambitions.

I had finally narrowed my choice to this ring... and then I took a fun quiz on the site that helps in choosing - and the element of spirit is what came up for me.

It felt like confirmation. And I placed my order, and now my ring is here and I love it.

Why am I talking so much about this ring?

Because it's one of my talismans. I knew when I ordered it that it would probably be a talisman for me - and it is.

Wearing this ring helps me connect to my essence. It's a touchstone for me, reminding me of who I am. It helps me be me in the truest sense.

I have other talimans too. Some of my main ones are pieces of jewelry - talismanic jewelry, sacred adornment. Other talismans for me are certain crystals. A note I carry. A piece of artwork.

There are many things that can be a talisman for you - and you can have many talismans - but whatever your talismans are, they are important and helpful ways for you to connect to your true self, your core strength, your essence.

Your talismans help you remember who you are and they remind you to live true (and they help you live true).

Quite a while ago I wrote on my blog that I planned to write a future post about talismans (and especially jewelry... jewelry as talismans, jewelry as sacred adornment). What I've written here isn't all I want to say about this - but it's a start.

What talismans do you have in your life?

What do you wear, or carry, or keep near, or have as a touchstone, that helps you connect to you?

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