September 8, 2015


As I've mentioned, it seems like my anxiety amped up over the summer. It turns out painting was the main thing that helped me center and calm... but my experience was a reminder that I hadn't been doing some of the helpful things I know to do, and I'd let some things fall to the side a bit.

So I've been consciously, intentionally, connecting more (and more often) to things that help me with calming and centering.

This means, for me, continuing to paint and work with crystals and diffuse essential oils in the air... but bringing these things into my life even more.

It means I've been pulling out markers and one of my mandala coloring books, letting myself enjoy the calming and meditative act of coloring.

It means that I've returned to practicing centering prayer every day. I was introduced to centering prayer at a workshop at my church in 1998 and it immediately became part of my life, something that centers me, calms me, helps with my anxiety, and also deepens my spiritual relationship.

I had been practicing various forms of meditation off-and-on since 1982 (off-and-on, not consistently - I go through cycles of practicing consistently... and then not-consistently) and centering prayer was a welcome addition to my life. As with other forms of meditation, over the years I've been through cycles of consistently and not-consistently spending time in centering prayer, and it had been a while. Recently I felt a strong pull to get back to it. And so I did, and I am. Already I'm noticing a positive difference.

Bringing calming and centering things into my life more also means that I'm consciously connecting more to joy.

It means being even more aware to spend time cuddling and playing with our sweet kitty.

And it means laughing more. Being more intentional about finding light-hearted moments with my husband, laughing on the phone with friends, and watching shows that make me chuckle and giggle-snort.

There are other things I'm doing but these are a few. If you're looking for more calming and centering in your own life,  maybe something I've shared will spark some things for you to try.

What helps you with centering? How can you bring those things into your life more?

It is so worth it to know... and to follow your knowing.

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