April 19, 2015

reminders of heart loves...

For a few different reasons, much of this month so far has been difficult. Hugely difficult with some tough stuff going on.

But something interesting has happened in the midst of the upset and worry and fear and tough stuff...

I've been reminded of what my heart loves.

These aren't new revelations for me. I tend to think that sometimes we are reminded again and again, whether over the years or over the months, and sometimes we re-remember at a new or deeper level, and we get reminders.

If you've been reading my blog or following me for long, my reminders probably won't come as new revelations for you either.

I've been reminded of how much I love my calico kitty girl.

And writing - fiction and nonfiction.

And doing intuitive readings.

And doing energy work.

And painting.

I've been reminded of the presence and love and grace of God even when I sometimes feel I've lost that connection (but I never truly have, because the connection is always always always there, no matter how it feels to me).

I've been reminded of love.

And I've been reminded that sometimes heart love means letting go.

I have a renewed commitment to staying connected to my heart loves. I have a renewed commitment to myself, and to what I feel I'm here to offer.

Whatever you love, I hope you'll find ways to stay connected to it. I hope you'll keep it close.

But I also believe that sometimes you'll be reminded - all over again, or in a new way or a deeper way - of your heart loves. Like a new waking up. A little jolt of oh yes I love that! 

And with the reminders can come gratitude. So much gratitude. Because where would we be without those heart loves?

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