April 7, 2015

joy noticings...

This month I'm participating in Susannah Conway's April Love 2015 - and something I've realized is that the brief daily prompts help me notice.

And so far, they've helped me notice joy.

It can be in a small way, a little something, but the noticing of joy is there for me. The connection to joy is made even for a moment... and usually the moment stretches into longer as I take the photo, crop and resize and post the photo, and see prompt-pictures posted by others.

Truly, it can be a little thing.

But sometimes, it's the little things that make a difference.

And the ripples for me extend longer and deeper as I notice joy and make that connection.

Instagram has become one of my main sharing spaces - I'm posting my photos for the April Love prompts there, and I also post photos there that don't make it to facebook or other places. You can find me on instagram here - I'd love to connect.

What ways can you notice joy today? Even if it seems like something small, the joy can linger and ripple...


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