April 21, 2015

death and rebirth...

Last year, when going through the priestess process with Lisa Michaels, one of the things necessary to do before emerging as a priestess was to go through a shamanic death and rebirth.

This year I've been in her high priestess program, and recently I went through another shamanic death and rebirth... this time, being reborn into New Earth with the frequency of high priestess.

This week I'll go through an emergence ceremony - emerging as a high priestess.

What does this mean for me?

I'm changed. Again.

Parts of me have died. Again.

Part of me has been reborn. Again.

We are always changing, evolving, marked by time and experiences as we go through life.

There are many deaths - some big, some small, some internal within us, some with things / situations / people.

The shift for me into being a priestess was a change I felt inside. The same has been happening during these months of being a high priestess initiate. A greater sense of personal power. A sovereignty within myself in a way I didn't know sovereignty until relatively recently in my life. Being able to hold a higher and cleaner frequency of energy even more than I used to be able to do. Being able to hold space (holding space is very much a part of what a priestess does) in an even deeper and more extensive way... holding space for groups, holding space for others, holding space for an individual or a situation, and holding space for myself.

All of this is happening on a deep level, inside of me, energetically and spiritually.

But it carries over and impacts everything for me.

Almost two weeks ago, I hit a very difficult period (in the midst of what has been a very difficult 2-plus years) with several hard things happening at once. By the end of last week something within me shifted. In some ways it was subtle. In other ways it was extreme.

Do I believe it's connected to these past two years of priestessing, of connecting to the priestess energy and archetype within, to shedding what doesn't fit with that energy, to going through my shamanic death and rebirth into high priestess?

Yes. My priestess process isn't the only reason - I believe several things intertwine and work together to bring me to the place I find myself now - but I firmly believe it's connected.

Do I believe this will be the last shift or evolution or iteration I experience? No, not unless my life ends now. I believe we're always in process. We're always continuing along the spiral.

Will this shift impact my work?

Oh, yes. It already has. And more is to come.


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