March 9, 2015

on being fierce...

Strong feelings about a certain situation led me to post something on my personal facebook profile about violating privacy. It was a post I wrote very quickly, the words flowing from a place of personal power and conviction about where I stand.

In one of the comments, a friend mentioned the term "fierce grace" in describing how I'd said what I said,  and later on another friend commented that the term perfectly described me.

And you know what? As soon as I saw that phrase in reference to myself, I knew it was a fit. It was a knowing in my gut, my bones, my core.

Yes. Fierce grace. That's me.

Those facebook comments were made over 24 hours ago. Fast-forward to just a few minutes ago when I looked through some past blog posts that I did not import from a former site - posts I held back because I knew I wanted to re-post them at another time.

I was glancing through the titles, wondering which one I'd post.

And there it was - a blog post I originally wrote in February 2012 as a response to a Wishcasting Wednesday prompt by Jamie Ridler. The prompt was this:

Where do you wish to be fierce?

And here is what I wrote (no revisions made)...


I wasn’t sure about my response to this right away. A few thoughts quickly jumped into my mind and then jumped right back out, because they didn’t seem like true answers to this question.

And then I knew my answer. Without a doubt.

Being me.

That’s where I wish to be fierce. I want to fiercely be myself – claim myself, own myself, be true to myself.

Be comfortable in my own skin.

Do the work I want to do.

Create what I want to create, what’s inside of me waiting to be created.

It includes embracing all parts of me… the quiet part, the feisty part, the introverted part, the creative part, the timid part, the dancing part.

It includes embracing my shadow self and the inner demons and the part of me that questions and wonders. It includes embracing who I am – all of who I am – even when others don’t.

And it includes embracing my strength. Because you know what?

I am strong.

Stronger than I usually even realize. Hell, I’m even fierce sometimes!

So that’s where I wish to be fierce – being me. Being all of me. Being the true me.

Fiercely being me…    that’s my wish.


That's what I wrote in response to the 'fierce' prompt - a little over 3 years ago.

When I read through that post just before coming here to post this, I had an ohmigod moment.

I am strong. Stronger than I usually even realize. Hell, I’m even fierce sometimes!

Yes. Yes, I am. Then and now.

Being the true me.

The phrase living true has become a guiding light for me, it's what I encourage others to do, it's how I try to live my own life even when it might mean discomfort, even when it's not easy.

The ohmigod moment as I read my words from February 2012 was a moment of knowing inside myself. A moment of recognition. A moment that lasts far beyond a moment.

Because the wish I made back then?

My wish has come true.

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