January 29, 2015

a little about listening...

Recently I felt guided to do a series of shamanic journeys - one journey each day for at least five days in a row - specifically about a certain relationship in my life.

I sometimes have crystals and stones with me when I journey. Sometimes I don't. The ones I have with me for journeys will vary, depending on how I'm guided, but I usually choose from a certain selection because some stones are better suited for journeying.

When I received the guidance to do this series of journeys, I also intuitively knew I was meant to have this one stone with me - this picasso jasper sphere.

I did those journeys, one each day, and some amazing healing work and valuable lessons came from them.

And with each of those journeys, I had the picasso jasper sphere in my hand as I listened to a drumming track and journeyed to the lower world for the healing work and information gathering I set out to do.

Picasso jasper is very grounding.

It helps with strength, calming, and self-discipline.

It helps with shadow work and integrating that work.

It helps with ancestral work.

It helps with transformation of relationships.

With all the journey work I've done - and with all the various crystals and stones I've had with me in journeywork at different times - picasso jasper was never one I'd had with me for shamanic journeying before.

When I intuitively heard the message to do these journeys for this certain purpose, I didn't research to try to "figure out" what stone to use - at the very same time I received the message to do the journeys, I also intuitively heard the message to use this particular stone.

I listened. And I heard. And I followed the guidance.

What picasso jasper helps with - especially regarding grounding, relationships, and ancestral work - makes so much sense, given my intention for the series of journeys.

Reading about and researching the properties and purposes of crystals and stones can be very beneficial. I do it a lot myself.

But also... if you listen, the stones will speak to you. Your intuition will speak to you. Spirit will speak to you.

You can discover the crystals and stones to work with for a certain purpose (or on a certain day) by listening.

So listen to the stone people.

Listen to your intuition.

Listen to Spirit.

Listen to the messages that come with the wind or a bird or a song on the radio.


Guidance is there.

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