November 22, 2014

new moon, new me, new you, over and over...

Today is a new moon - again. Each new moon is different, each month is different, each year is different... but no matter what, over and over, the new moon comes again.

The moon goes through its phases, the wheel of the year turns, the cycle of life continues.

We are always moving forward, always spiraling on, and even if it seems we might be standing still or taking steps in reverse, the ultimate direction is always forward, even while the cycles and phases come again and again and over and over.

And the cycles and phases do come.

Just like the new moon coming around again.

Life doesn't stand still. Until we die, we will always be evolving, shifting, changing.

There will always be new things about yourself to discover - or remember.

There will always be more clarity to be found.

There will always be changes... to you, to your life, to your business, to your work, to your family, to whatever situations you find yourself.

That's how life is.

I think I used to believe (at least on some level, even if I didn't admit it to myself) that life would "settle down" mostly, eventually, sometime, somehow - that there wouldn't be so many shifts and changes, so many ups and downs, so many times of lack of clarity, so many times of light-bulb-moment new realizations.

And sometimes it still can take my breath away when I go through a big time of shifting and changing.

But somewhere along the way I came to realize, at a deeper level than earlier in my life, that this is life.

It's true there can be periods of time when things seem to settle for a while (or are at least more settled).

But those times don't last.

Life doesn't stand still.

There will be another up or another down. There will be another cycle of more clarity or another cycle of wondering what to do next. There will be another major realization. There will be another evolution or iteration. There will be another move or another birth or another death or another shift in life.




Earlier this year I posted on my facebook wall that I realized I'm no longer searching for myself. And that's true. I don't feel some need to 'find myself' or figure out who I am. I know my essence.

But that doesn't mean there won't be new self-discoveries, new clarity, new realizations, new rememberings.

I am always evolving.

You are always evolving.

Life is always evolving.

How to handle the shifts in the best way possible? How to navigation transitions with as much grace and ease as possible? How to celebrate and make the most of the times of clarity or feeling up or having good things going on? How to travel through the times of shadow or uncertainty?

All of those times will come again, over and over, as life spirals on.

How to live them in the best possible way? ...  That's become my focus.

Everything is always changing.

How to handle the changes - and the spaces in between - is key.

So today, on this new moon which has come around again (the same but yet different - because that's how everything goes) I'm looking at what phase I'm in now - the phase of life, of business/work, of things with my family, of my clarity or lack thereof... and I'm looking ahead and setting intentions for what and how I want things to be in the weeks and months ahead (because the new moon is a good time for setting intentions).

And I'll set my intentions but I'll hold on loosely, knowing the only certainty is change.

And doing my best to handle the changes - and the spaces in between - with grace.

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