November 6, 2014

being seen (another thing)...

In my last post, I shared about being seen (and an edge for me with a selfie)... I appreciate so very much the messages and comments I've received about the photo and about the blog post. (y'all are so kind!)

And I'd also like to add something about being seen.

Being seen will be (or look) different for different people - and it can be different at different times.

Mostly, it's about being you.

It's about letting people see the true you that you are.

It's about allowing your essence to be seen.

It's about sharing who you are - and there are soooo many ways to do that. (my post about purpose talks some about that)

Being seen doesn't have to be posting photos of yourself. Or writing a blog post or a book. Or making a video or teaching a class.

It can be any or all of those things (and more).

But mostly it's about not hiding.

Not hiding your true self.

Each of us, and at different times during life, will have times of sorta withdrawing or pulling inward, and other times of being more 'out there'... and again, all of this can happen and show up and be done in all sorts of ways, far too many to try to list.

It's individual. It's personal. Sometimes it truly isn't safe to be seen in certain ways - but that doesn't mean you can't allow yourself to be seen in other ways, or with certain people.

Being seen means wearing fewer masks, and wearing them less often. (But there are times when a mask can be helpful and sometimes even necessary.)

Being seen means living true to who you are, and letting others see the real you.

Being seen can happen when you're with only one person - or sharing yourself with one person.

And being seen can be a process... and a spiral...

But you'll know. You'll know, inside yourself, whether you're living most of your life being seen or whether you're mostly hiding.

The knowing is important.

Being honest with yourself about it is important.

It's not about forcing yourself into being seen in some way that you don't want, or you don't feel ready to do.

(and it doesn't have to be a literal interpretation of the words - as a matter of fact, it's possible to put hundreds of selfies online and still be hiding)

Being seen is about being real, being you, and being true to you.

And showing up that way in the world - in whatever way that means for you, and whatever 'world' you're in.

Being seen can be very quiet.

It can be gentle.

It can be intimate.

As I said in my last post - it's not about the numbers. It's not about how many people see you or hear you. It's not about being seen by doing the same things someone else is doing to be seen (we all have our own ways of being seen and sharing ourselves).

Yes... it's about showing up and putting yourself out there - but even that will be different for different people, and can vary and shift through time.

(putting yourself out there can happen in sooo many different ways)

The main thing is... being seen is about being you.

With how you live your life.

With how you share yourself with others.

With how you do whatever you do.

And with letting others see who you are.

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