October 10, 2014

the hand holds so much {a re-visit}...

I wrote and posted the below over two years ago - in March 2012 - on a former site. Today I'm re-visiting this post and appreciating the reminders about my hands even more. This past January I fell (hard) and badly injured my right hand. I'm right-handed, so this had quite an impact. For weeks I could type on the computer only by using my left hand, and I couldn't turn a doorknob or carry anything unless I only used my left hand. It was a few weeks before I could wrap my fingers around a pen and hold it long enough to write more than a few words, and months before I made it beyond a few sentences. Until July, I had to reach through the steering wheel with my left hand to help my right hand turn the key in the ignition to start the car. My hand still isn't back to full strength, but it has recovered so incredibly much since I fell - and I'm so grateful for that. For a while, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use my hand much again. This post has even more meaning for me now than when I wrote it. Because now, I appreciate my hands, and having the use of my hands, even more.   

Not too long ago, on the private facebook page of a group I'm involved with, a question was posed asking for us to tell of one external part of our self image that we like or love.

My hands. The whisper through my mind was immediate.

So that's what I posted in response to the question...  I love the way my hands feel, I love the things I can do with my hands, I love the way they move, I love how energy flows through my hands and palms.

It wasn't surprising to me that my hands would be what popped into my head first when the question was asked. I often look at my hand in simple amazement at the way the fingers move, the way a hand can handle so many things, do so many things, create so many things.

Like a schoolchild, I often trace the outline of my hand when I'm drawing or doodling.

I've posted pictures of my hands in posts on releasing and receiving.

It's not uncommon for me to photograph one of my hands in product photos for my Etsy shop as I model a bracelet, or hold a meditation chain or stones or other items in my hand as a way to show scale and provide a visual image of size.

I love to hold a pen and write, I love the way my fingers fly across a computer keypad, I love to hold a paintbrush or colored marker and make my attempts at that type of self-expression.

I love stroking the fur of a cat, touching the leaf of a tree, rubbing lotion onto my legs.

My hands put together bracelets and necklaces, turning the themes in my head - and the combination of crystals, stones, colors, and charms I've chosen - into real things for people to wear and use.

My hands put together a meal, pick up my mug of coffee, hold the hand of another.

And my hands send energy. My hands send healing energy, loving energy, to people and animals and situations. Energy that can help relax, de-stress, balance, heal, relieve pain, ease suffering, help with a peaceful transition through death, offer comfort. I love doing energy work, and I've been told many times that I'm very gifted at it. But this energy isn't mine, it doesn't come from me - I'm simply the channel. And my hands especially, the chakras in my palms, are what I personally use very often when sending energy.

Another reason I wasn't surprised to find my answer was my hands when the question was asked, is because of something that might sound a bit woo-woo-ish to some people. In the two or three weeks before this question, my hands were mentioned to me several times during meditations and journeys.

In a journey to meet my inner wise woman self, asking for what message she wanted me to know, she told me a few things... and one of them was: Remember your hands. Your hands create. Your hands help heal.

In a meditation, one of my spirit guides told me: Your hands hold power. You are not weak, you are not alone, you are not lost. You have gifts and you have strength - and you have your hands. Use your hands. They can do so much. They can create, they can help, they can send energy, they can show caring. Don't forget all that your hands hold.

In another meditation, the message was similar: Don't forget your talents and gifts and strengths. Look at your hands - and remember.

So... when that question was asked, hands were very much on my mind. But I probably would have answered the same way, even if I hadn't received those messages.

I love what my hands can do. I love the hands of other people. The things I first noticed about my husband when I saw him? His eyes... and his hands. (And when he turned around, I took notice of his butt too. What can I say, I've always been a sucker for a guy with a good butt/eyes/hands combo.)

I think hands are amazing.

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