October 3, 2014

she said...

She said, thinking of you and sending love your way. She said, I want you to know how very special you are, I wish you could see that ALWAYS.

She said,  what a marvelous spiritual, earthy mystic you are.

She said, you make me feel calm and safe.

She said, I feel seen by you.

She said, you are a beloved to many.

She said, sending you big BIG love.

She said, hugging you and breathing with you.

She said, you and I are kindred spirits.

She said, you are filled with light and many people here love you so and love your work.

She said, holding you in my heart.

She said, this was very powerful and moving and really resonates.

She said, you are a powerful healer.

She said, you are a blessing.

She said, I am so freaking impressed and proud of you!!!

She said,  you are in your purpose and it's beautiful.

She said, your love and gratitude always overflows.

She said, I am in complete awe.

She said, I felt held and supported throughout this process.

She said, you're capable of anything.

She said, what you had to say is exactly what I know to be true.

She said, oh love, what a gift.

She said, I feel so encouraged by you.

She said, your light is just so brilliant!

She said, look at what you've done, you ROCK!

She said, I have just listened to your reading. It was beautiful!

She said, soul sisters.

She said, your gentle soul and kind heart never cease to warm my heart.

She said, you are a wise woman and dear to me.

These are a few of the things said to me by people in my life.

It felt vulnerable to write them here. But sometimes it helps to remember the good things we hear about ourselves.

Thanks to Hannah for this prompt.  ♥

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