October 21, 2014

selfie realizations...

Once again prompted and inspired by Hannah Marcotti, I have been taking more selfies (still a lot of only my hands but I'm gradually branching out), posting a little bit more of ME on instagram and facebook and even here (some). Letting myself be seen more.

(and I mean that phrase in more than one way)

To my surprise, I'm learning some things about myself as I look at myself.

My selfies remind me of why I feel like wearing certain clothes at certain times. Why one day I'm wearing a certain ring, why there's a certain bracelet sometimes and a different one at others, why my hair is in a braid or a ponytail or flying loose.

And why any of this even matters.

On Monday, I posted these words on facebook about the photo below, a selfie I took on Sunday...

This was me, yesterday... Wearing some of my talisman jewelry, sacred adornment... my hair down and loose like it felt it wanted to be... polish on my nails because that felt right-for-my-day too... wearing a loose tee, comfy clothes... This is part of self-care. It's not the only aspect of self-care but it's one aspect. And it's part of staying in touch with who you are - what makes you feel good - what lights you up inside - what keeps you feeling connected to your true self. And when you do this, when you're connected to you and your true self? Harmony, baby. That's what happens. Harmony inside your self. And feeling that way helps with everything. (including anxiety and stress and uncertainty) 

I have several pieces of jewelry that serve as some of my talismans. Jewelry that serves as sacred adornment for me. (I'm planning to write about that more in a future post.)

The jewelry isn't just jewelry - the jewelry helps me plug in to who I am. It impacts the way I feel. It reminds me of my self.

And whatever my hair is on a given day - or a part of a day - and whatever my body feels like wearing... These things, when being mindful of them, are also being in touch with me. With my true self. With how I'm feeling and how I want to feel.

It's also, or at least it can be, an aspect of self-care.

Doing what feels nourishing and loving and right-for-me and feel-good-for-me.

But, as with so many things, awareness matters. Being mindful about these things is what can make the difference when making the choices of what to wear, how to dress, which things light us up.

And when we're mindful about those things, it really can help with inner harmony, and being in harmony with who we are.

So... my selfies show other people more of me... and they're showing me some things about myself too.

They're reminders for me to be mindful, to be plugged in to my self, to be aware of self-care in this way.

It still feels vulnerable to show myself more.

But something else my selfies are helping me to do? Have more compassion for myself, and more acceptance of myself.

And that's part of self-care too.

And that's also part of living true.

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