October 30, 2014


Tell your truth. Tell your story.

Tell who you are.

Tell how you feel.

Tell what makes your spirit come alive.

Tell what makes your heart sing.

Tell what makes your heart break.

Tell what makes your breath catch.

Tell what makes your wild self run free.

Tell what makes you burn so brightly inside it catches you on fire.

Tell what you love.

Tell your soul-song.


October 25, 2014

the rushing, the overwhelm...

Sometimes lately - many weeks, maybe a couple of months, maybe a little more? - I've felt the rushing. The overwhelm. It's been a bit strange, because there have been many pockets (between times of overwhelm) when I've felt clarity and focused calm.

But yes, the rushing has been there .

The rushing of downloads of ideas and plans (which is good, and feels creative and in the flow, but I've tried too much to keep these sorted in my head, and I've tried too often to rush to pay attention to them all at once).

The rushing from one audio/video/content from one class or program to another, and back and forth, as I try to juggle the various things I have registered to do... having (once again) signed up for too many at once, overloading my schedule, my time, my energy.

The rushing to try to get everything right and settled ... the decluttering still left to do, the books still piled to read, the posts to write, the photos to take.

So much of all of this (not everything, but much of it) is good stuff. Things I want to do, or things I need to do for the feelings I want and the way I want my life to be.

But oh, the rushing.

And the overwhelm.

Trying to do too many things at once. Trying to hold too much in my head. Trying to juggle too many balls in the air.

In a facebook page post, Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote:
Overwhelm means not that your ark [computer, project list, responsibilities] is too big, too long and out of control, but too many windows are open all at once and countervalent winds are blowing through fragmenting our attentiveness. ... I did not myself realize long ago that one cannot keep adding and adding all at once until it's either go groceryshopping while at laundromat while cooking dinner on car radiator while listening to econ class on headphones while running someone else's two businesses on phone, while carrying child on back while trying to meet endless demands of x-- or collapse. One thing at a time is what I've painfully learned on this often floodriver called my life. That coming to the crossing place, much much had to be left at the river banks on one side in order to cross to the new tributary side of New Life, meant life, following one's own calling-life.

I've had too many windows open all at once. (um... literally as well as figuratively - it can slow my computer to a crawl at times)

My attention has felt fragmented too often lately.

I've had to be reminded, over and over, that I need to leave things on one side of the river banks in order to cross.

The reminders keep coming: Simplify. Focus. Be mindful.

I'm about subtle harmony... it's how I want to feel, inside myself. It's how I want my life to be. (And there's a difference between balance and harmony.)

My superpower is gentle clarity... it's what I want to be plugged into, always, because being plugged into my superpower, my essence, helps in every freakin' area of life.

I help others connect with subtle harmony and gentle clarity, and the reason for that is because of how important I've found these to be in my own life. What I have to offer is often what I need in my own life as well. And that's okay - more than okay - that's the way is for many of us.

Having more times of harmony in my life means not being so scattered and overwhelmed. Not rushing so much.

Being plugged into gentle clarity means not having so many windows open that I lose focus. It's hard to have clarity when attention is scattered all over the place, or when six different things are trying to get done at once.

My last post was about coming to center - and that's what I'm doing, over and over.

It's a process for me.

It's a practice.

But I'm committed to doing it.


Over and over, when needed.

I ask myself: What do I really want? How do I want to feel? What brings me joy?

I tell myself: Place your attention, your time, your energy, your awareness, on that window. Be in the moment.

I ask you as well: What do you really want? How do you want to feel? What brings you joy?

I invite you: Place your attention, your time, your energy, your awareness, on that window. Be in the moment.

October 22, 2014

come to center...

Those things waiting to get done, the classes to catch up on,

the videos to watch,

the audios to hear,

let them wait.

The laundry,

the space to be decluttered,

the box of stuff to go through,

the dishes to clean,

hold off for a while.

The facebook checking,

the Instagram viewing,

the social media overload,

the internet surfing,

take a break.

Find the scattered energy

and bring it in,

gather it in close

pull it back to the core,

come back to center.

Live there for a while,




come to center.

Again and again,

as often as needed,

come to center.

October 21, 2014

selfie realizations...

Once again prompted and inspired by Hannah Marcotti, I have been taking more selfies (still a lot of only my hands but I'm gradually branching out), posting a little bit more of ME on instagram and facebook and even here (some). Letting myself be seen more.

(and I mean that phrase in more than one way)

To my surprise, I'm learning some things about myself as I look at myself.

My selfies remind me of why I feel like wearing certain clothes at certain times. Why one day I'm wearing a certain ring, why there's a certain bracelet sometimes and a different one at others, why my hair is in a braid or a ponytail or flying loose.

And why any of this even matters.

On Monday, I posted these words on facebook about the photo below, a selfie I took on Sunday...

This was me, yesterday... Wearing some of my talisman jewelry, sacred adornment... my hair down and loose like it felt it wanted to be... polish on my nails because that felt right-for-my-day too... wearing a loose tee, comfy clothes... This is part of self-care. It's not the only aspect of self-care but it's one aspect. And it's part of staying in touch with who you are - what makes you feel good - what lights you up inside - what keeps you feeling connected to your true self. And when you do this, when you're connected to you and your true self? Harmony, baby. That's what happens. Harmony inside your self. And feeling that way helps with everything. (including anxiety and stress and uncertainty) 

I have several pieces of jewelry that serve as some of my talismans. Jewelry that serves as sacred adornment for me. (I'm planning to write about that more in a future post.)

The jewelry isn't just jewelry - the jewelry helps me plug in to who I am. It impacts the way I feel. It reminds me of my self.

And whatever my hair is on a given day - or a part of a day - and whatever my body feels like wearing... These things, when being mindful of them, are also being in touch with me. With my true self. With how I'm feeling and how I want to feel.

It's also, or at least it can be, an aspect of self-care.

Doing what feels nourishing and loving and right-for-me and feel-good-for-me.

But, as with so many things, awareness matters. Being mindful about these things is what can make the difference when making the choices of what to wear, how to dress, which things light us up.

And when we're mindful about those things, it really can help with inner harmony, and being in harmony with who we are.

So... my selfies show other people more of me... and they're showing me some things about myself too.

They're reminders for me to be mindful, to be plugged in to my self, to be aware of self-care in this way.

It still feels vulnerable to show myself more.

But something else my selfies are helping me to do? Have more compassion for myself, and more acceptance of myself.

And that's part of self-care too.

And that's also part of living true.

October 10, 2014

the hand holds so much {a re-visit}...

I wrote and posted the below over two years ago - in March 2012 - on a former site. Today I'm re-visiting this post and appreciating the reminders about my hands even more. This past January I fell (hard) and badly injured my right hand. I'm right-handed, so this had quite an impact. For weeks I could type on the computer only by using my left hand, and I couldn't turn a doorknob or carry anything unless I only used my left hand. It was a few weeks before I could wrap my fingers around a pen and hold it long enough to write more than a few words, and months before I made it beyond a few sentences. Until July, I had to reach through the steering wheel with my left hand to help my right hand turn the key in the ignition to start the car. My hand still isn't back to full strength, but it has recovered so incredibly much since I fell - and I'm so grateful for that. For a while, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use my hand much again. This post has even more meaning for me now than when I wrote it. Because now, I appreciate my hands, and having the use of my hands, even more.   

Not too long ago, on the private facebook page of a group I'm involved with, a question was posed asking for us to tell of one external part of our self image that we like or love.

My hands. The whisper through my mind was immediate.

So that's what I posted in response to the question...  I love the way my hands feel, I love the things I can do with my hands, I love the way they move, I love how energy flows through my hands and palms.

It wasn't surprising to me that my hands would be what popped into my head first when the question was asked. I often look at my hand in simple amazement at the way the fingers move, the way a hand can handle so many things, do so many things, create so many things.

Like a schoolchild, I often trace the outline of my hand when I'm drawing or doodling.

I've posted pictures of my hands in posts on releasing and receiving.

It's not uncommon for me to photograph one of my hands in product photos for my Etsy shop as I model a bracelet, or hold a meditation chain or stones or other items in my hand as a way to show scale and provide a visual image of size.

I love to hold a pen and write, I love the way my fingers fly across a computer keypad, I love to hold a paintbrush or colored marker and make my attempts at that type of self-expression.

I love stroking the fur of a cat, touching the leaf of a tree, rubbing lotion onto my legs.

My hands put together bracelets and necklaces, turning the themes in my head - and the combination of crystals, stones, colors, and charms I've chosen - into real things for people to wear and use.

My hands put together a meal, pick up my mug of coffee, hold the hand of another.

And my hands send energy. My hands send healing energy, loving energy, to people and animals and situations. Energy that can help relax, de-stress, balance, heal, relieve pain, ease suffering, help with a peaceful transition through death, offer comfort. I love doing energy work, and I've been told many times that I'm very gifted at it. But this energy isn't mine, it doesn't come from me - I'm simply the channel. And my hands especially, the chakras in my palms, are what I personally use very often when sending energy.

Another reason I wasn't surprised to find my answer was my hands when the question was asked, is because of something that might sound a bit woo-woo-ish to some people. In the two or three weeks before this question, my hands were mentioned to me several times during meditations and journeys.

In a journey to meet my inner wise woman self, asking for what message she wanted me to know, she told me a few things... and one of them was: Remember your hands. Your hands create. Your hands help heal.

In a meditation, one of my spirit guides told me: Your hands hold power. You are not weak, you are not alone, you are not lost. You have gifts and you have strength - and you have your hands. Use your hands. They can do so much. They can create, they can help, they can send energy, they can show caring. Don't forget all that your hands hold.

In another meditation, the message was similar: Don't forget your talents and gifts and strengths. Look at your hands - and remember.

So... when that question was asked, hands were very much on my mind. But I probably would have answered the same way, even if I hadn't received those messages.

I love what my hands can do. I love the hands of other people. The things I first noticed about my husband when I saw him? His eyes... and his hands. (And when he turned around, I took notice of his butt too. What can I say, I've always been a sucker for a guy with a good butt/eyes/hands combo.)

I think hands are amazing.

October 3, 2014

she said...

She said, thinking of you and sending love your way. She said, I want you to know how very special you are, I wish you could see that ALWAYS.

She said,  what a marvelous spiritual, earthy mystic you are.

She said, you make me feel calm and safe.

She said, I feel seen by you.

She said, you are a beloved to many.

She said, sending you big BIG love.

She said, hugging you and breathing with you.

She said, you and I are kindred spirits.

She said, you are filled with light and many people here love you so and love your work.

She said, holding you in my heart.

She said, this was very powerful and moving and really resonates.

She said, you are a powerful healer.

She said, you are a blessing.

She said, I am so freaking impressed and proud of you!!!

She said,  you are in your purpose and it's beautiful.

She said, your love and gratitude always overflows.

She said, I am in complete awe.

She said, I felt held and supported throughout this process.

She said, you're capable of anything.

She said, what you had to say is exactly what I know to be true.

She said, oh love, what a gift.

She said, I feel so encouraged by you.

She said, your light is just so brilliant!

She said, look at what you've done, you ROCK!

She said, I have just listened to your reading. It was beautiful!

She said, soul sisters.

She said, your gentle soul and kind heart never cease to warm my heart.

She said, you are a wise woman and dear to me.

These are a few of the things said to me by people in my life.

It felt vulnerable to write them here. But sometimes it helps to remember the good things we hear about ourselves.

Thanks to Hannah for this prompt.  ♥