August 22, 2014

day 28 journey with joy ~ noticing...

I believe awareness is important. Super important.

It's so important in so many ways and aspects of life, and for so many reasons, I'm not even going to try to list then.

Since I'm blogging about joy, I'm going to talk about awareness in terms of joy.

Noticing what connects you to joy, what brings you joy, what makes you joyful.

And noticing what does not.

There might be things which used to be joyful for you...and they no longer are.

There might be things you've never tried, maybe you thought you'd hate them - and when you explore a bit, you discover they bring you joy.

There might be relationships - maybe important ones, maybe totally casual ones - which bring you joy... or make you feel the opposite of joy.

Noticing is important.

Things can shift and change when we're not even aware of it happening.

We can close ourselves off to new avenues of joy because we're not open to exploring and experimenting.

We might be feeling ick about something but we can't quite put our finger on it... and paying attention, digging into the awareness, noticing, can help us figure out the why behind the feeling.

If something used to feel joyful but now we feel something...different... it doesn't necessarily mean it's time to end whatever it is. Everything - relationships, work, jobs, projects, groups - has ups and downs, hits difficult or challenging spots, tests us or tries us in some way.

Noticing helps bring awareness to what's happening, and whether it's temporary or a sign of something deeper.

Sometimes we simply need to hang in.

Sometimes we need to release whatever it is.

Does this - whatever this is - bring you joy?

If not, look deeper and place your awareness on the surface and the depths. Notice. Check in with yourself.

It might be a cycle that'll bring joy around again (and sometimes it might be difficult, and sometimes it might require work). It might be something worth holding onto, despite the less-than-joyful periods.

Or it might be it's time to release and let go and move on.

Only by noticing will you truly be able to discern and know.

But when something leaves you feeling bad and disconnected from joy, take the time to examine and notice. If something feels painful, pay attention to it and find out what message is there for you to hear.

You deserve to give yourself that time and awareness.

You deserve to feel good about yourself and your life.

You deserve joy.

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