June 18, 2014

arting it out...

Life has been full of emotions lately. Upsetting news about the health of family members. New layers of grief over my father's death and the changes with my mother's situation. The intense astrological energies bringing up 'stuff' that needs to be cleared and released.

Last year, intuitive painting helped me get through difficult days of dealing with what was happening with my parents.

But after I fell and badly injured my hand in January,  for quite a long time I couldn't hold a pen, pencil, paintbrush, or anything requiring me to curve my fingers and grip. When I started painting again, I held the paintbrush in my left hand at first - which was awkward but also accessed something new, a different place, inside of me.

Or sometimes I painted with my fingers (which I like to do anyway!).

I'm back to being able to use my right hand again. And thanks to taking the Journey of Yes with Stephanie Gagos earlier this spring and declaring my YES to be painting at least a little bit every day (and I did it almost every day) - and then continuing on to take an online painting class with Dirty Footprints Studio - I'm painting regularly these days.

And all those emotions from the life stuff that's been happening...

I'm arting it out.

Painting isn't the only thing I'm doing in my healing and processing and dealing with all that's changed and is changing.

But it's an important thing.

Hugely important and helpful for me.

The grief...

The confusion...

The anger...

The sadness...

The surrender...

I've been arting it out.

I come to the easel with my paints, my brushes, my hands...and I let the paint go where I'm intuitively guided, let the paint flow without caring what the end result looks like.

Because the main thing for me is the connection to creativity, the play with the paint, the arting it out.

Sometimes there is dancing.

Sometimes there are tears.

There's release, there's expressing, there's losing myself to the doing and the moment.

And there's a renewed sense of joy, overall, in my life.

Creativity is good for the soul.

Creativity can help release emotions - clearing them, cleansing you.

Creativity can help keep the hard from keeping you stuck in the muck.

Creativity is healing.