January 30, 2013


It dawned on me a little while ago that it's Wednesday and I hadn't checked this week's prompt for Jamie Ridler's Wishcasting Wednesday (what can I say, I knew it was Wednesday but it didn't really sink in - it's been a weird day, with thunderstorms and losing electricity for a while, and my husband having an odd work schedule today). I jumped over to Jamie's site and knew I wanted to chime in.

The Wishcasting Wednesday prompt this week is: What Nourishment Do You Wish For?

Nourish is an important word for me. It was my 2012 word-of-the-year, and even though 2012 is over and I have a new word for 2013, nourish is still a top priority. Nourishment in all areas of my life.

Right now, though, the nourishment I wish for is the nourishment of rest and replenishment - for my body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

I need rest and replenishment on all levels.

My parents' health problems, my recurring trouble with insomnia, and then general stuff with worry and stress and trying to release things I cannot control... these have been taking a toll.

I need more sleep. I need more rest - deep rest. I need more nourishment from Mama Earth by getting outside in nature (except that I reallllly dislike being outside in cold weather!). I need more nourishment in my creative life (which I'm starting to feel I'm getting again). I need more spiritual and soul-full nourishment. I need more nourishment in my diet and eating habits.

But if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be the nourishment of rest.

Resting my body, resting my mind, resting my emotions.

Lovely, deep, nourishing rest...

But really, nourishment in general - in all ways - is incredibly important to all of us. Sometimes more important than we realize, until we're feeling depleted or we get sick or we run into a creative block.

Whatever ways you need nourishment, whatever areas of your life need more nourishment, I hope you'll give it to yourself (or find ways to get it). Nourish yourself. Nourish your body, mind, spirit, soul, creativity, emotions - nourish your life.

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